Interesting Stuff on the Web – 8

Release 8 of five chosen quality articles/tutorials/tools from different blogs.

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X-Tag is a cross-browser web component library that uses custom tags and a bit of JavaScript to create components like Accordion, Tabs, Modal dialogs, Maps, Pagination, and much more.


What’s Software Engineer?

“Software engineers are those people who are paid to write code. The two main functions of the software engineer are maintenance and development, and both of those can take place within components or systems. The nature of those components and systems is what defines the type of software engineer one is. It doesn’t matter what sort of tools are programming languages you use, as long as you are fulfilling these roles and writing code, you are a software engineer.”


Firebug 1.10 New Features

“Firebug 1.10 has been released and so, let’s see what new features are introduced in this version.”



“Modernizr is one of the key libraries for building cross-browser websites or applications in a modern fashion. The heart of the library is the web design pattern known as Progressive enhancement & Graceful degradation.”


Interacting Responsibly (and Responsively!)

These are notes of talk at An Event Apart in Boston, MA 2012 Scott Jehl discussed ways we can improve Web performance by qualifying capabilities and being smart about how assets are loaded in browsers. He also shared a number of new tools he helped create that can help address these issues.


Favorite Open Source Softwares

Most of the Open Source softwares are much better than their proprietary alternatives. So I prefer to look for Open software before going for any

Interview Experience With Google

ecently I got a chance to give an interview to Google for Front-End Software Engineer. It was a nice experience and I learned a lot