Interesting Stuff on the Web – 1

This will be weekly post which will contain 5 chosen useful articles/tutorials from different blogs. I kept the quantity of articles less so that you can read all of them on weekends.

If you want to add your article or know any informative article related to web development, send it to me from Contact page. Remember only original and quality articles will be added.

Using AMD loaders to write and manage modular JavaScript

Informative presentation slides about AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) using RequireJS. AMD is not about loading script files async. It’s about writing modular JavaScript by defining modules and load modules dynamically when they are required. Also module loading is non-blocking async and you can also load dependencies before executing some code.


HTML5 Forms input types, attributes and new elements – demos, tips and tricks

Excellent explanation of new input types, attributes, elements, validation, and APIs for Forms in HTML5.


Git and GitHub 101

This is a screencast in which Chris Coyier explain the basics of Version Control, Git and GitHub.


(pre)Maturely Optimize Your JavaScript

Learn when to optimize code and learn to determine which code must be optimized? How to determine critical code paths and how to observe the code which is slowing down.


Send Text Messages with PHP

Sending SMS is very easy using PHP. All you need is Phone No and carrier’s text message email domain. Then you can simply send text messages using mail function.


Favorite Open Source Softwares

Most of the Open Source softwares are much better than their proprietary alternatives. So I prefer to look for Open software before going for any

Interview Experience With Google

ecently I got a chance to give an interview to Google for Front-End Software Engineer. It was a nice experience and I learned a lot