Favorite Open Source Softwares

Most of the Open Source softwares are much better than their proprietary alternatives. So I prefer to look for Open software before going for any proprietary one. Also if we use such softwares, it’s our responsibility to support and promote them. I want to share my personal favorite list of open source softwares. Please share in comments if you know any other open source software which is better than the one listed below.

3D Graphics

Blender [Website]


Firefox [Website]

Chromium [Home PageDownload Chromium]

Code Editor/IDE

Aptana [Website]

Eclipse [Website]

Komodo Edit [Website]


DotNetNuke [Website]

Drupal [Website]

Joomla [Website]

OpenCms [Website]

WordPress [Website]


7-Zip [Website]


MongoDB [Website]

MySQL [Website]

PostgreSQL [Website]

Download Manager

Free Download Manager [Website]

Email Client

Thunderbird [Website]


FileZilla FTP Client/Server [Website]

Image Editor

GIMP [Website]

Paint.NET [Website]

Instant Messaging

Pidgin [Website]

Media Players

VLC [Website]

Miro [Website]

Office Suite

LibreOffice [Website]


BitTorrent [Website]

PDF Creator/Reader

PDFCreator [Website]

Sumatra PDF [Website]

Remote Desktop

UltraVNC [Website]


Eraser [Website]

Text Editor

Notepad++ [Website]

Vector Graphics Editor

InkScape [Website]

Interview Experience With Google

ecently I got a chance to give an interview to Google for Front-End Software Engineer. It was a nice experience and I learned a lot

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