Goodies Box from DZone

Few months back I received an email from DZone saying that I was selected as top blogger of 2012 and they will soon gonna send a T-Shirt. Today (7th Feb, 2013) I received a goodies box containing not only t-shirt but other items as well which I want to share here 🙂

Goodies Box

I think the mail company didn’t took good care of so it was bit “flkjasj;gfd”.

DZone Goodies Box

Letter of Congrats

DZone's Letter of Congrats


Developer T-Shirt 🙂

DZone Developer T-Shirt

Mini Notepad

DZone Mini Notepad

DZone Refcardz

Refcardz are kind of cheatsheets or getting started guides for different technologies. I got two Refcardz. One for Design Patterns and HTML5 Web Sockets. You can also get soft copy of Refcardz from here.

DZone Refcardz

New Relic Pouch

New Relic is a company which provide services for app performance monitoring. I am not sure what exactly this pouch is for but it looks good.

Update: One of DZone’s employee told me about this pouch.

The pouch is to hold a cold drink, we call them “Koozies” (here in the U.S. we use them to keep our hands from getting cold when drinking beer out of a can).

New Relic Pouch

Tizen Flash Memory

Tizen’s 8GB Flash Memory. Tizen is open source mobile OS from Linux Foundation (backed by Samsung and Intel). I am Firefox OS advocate and I am happy to know that this OS will be Firefox OS compatible. Apps written for Firefox OS can run on Tizen and vice versa (thanks to open technologies).

Tizen Flash Memory

MEAP’s Discount Card

MEAP‘s discount card by Manning Publications. MEAP is a way to get early access to the books published by Manning Publications.

Manning Publication MEAP Discount Card

iPad Mini Golden Ticket

A ticket explaining steps (on the back) to follow to get a change to win iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Golden Ticket


This is for fun :P. Inter-Cubicle Ballistic Missile.

DZone Inter-Cubicle Ballistic Missile

Favorite Open Source Softwares

Most of the Open Source softwares are much better than their proprietary alternatives. So I prefer to look for Open software before going for any

Interview Experience With Google

ecently I got a chance to give an interview to Google for Front-End Software Engineer. It was a nice experience and I learned a lot